February 9, 2013

A Year into a Paragraph

How does one fit an entire year into one paragraph? I don’t even know where to begin, but I will say that at this moment I am so grateful for everything that happened in 2012 and the incredible kick off to 2013. I’m surrounded by good people and friends and I have an amazing support system backing me up. Hard work pays off – thank you to everyone that’s stuck around!

Some 2013 Highlights so far…

Featured as New & Noteworthy on iTunes & #6 on the POP iTunes HOT TRACKS, Meeting songwriter Marco Gonzalez and playing my new single ‘Didn’t Mean it That Way’ on NBC’s KMIR Morning News in Palm Springs, CA & Paris Hilton tweeting about my new song.  #woah

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January 8, 2012

Pledge Music – 110% and growing!

Hello friends!  It’s been a long time since I’ve written in this blog, but I hope you can understand that I’ve been crazy busy making my brand new record WEST and regularly blogging in my Pledge Music Campaign – which just reached 100% the day before Christmas! Thank you to everyone that pledged- not only have these people helped to release my new record and donate to breast cancer awareness, they’ll be getting the new album weeks before it’s released!  The good news is, you can still get involved and I’ve added some awesome new pledge exclusives like getting your name in print on the album & being in a youtube music video for one of the new songs on the record!

Hope you all have as wonderful a start to the new year as I have :)



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September 19, 2011

good deeds

I’ll preface this story with the fact that when I was much younger, my sister and I were almost kidnapped in broad daylight.  If it weren’t for my friends mother that saw things in action, I don’t know if my sis or I would be here today!  Anyway, it was almost midnight on a Sunday and I was on my way home from a gig when I saw a kid, probably 12-14 years old, walking hurriedly with skateboard in hand.  I slowed down to ask if he was ok-  as it turned out, he was supposed to meet his parents after the movies but his cell phone died, so he started walking home.  Whether it’s the mom in me or the camp counselor or both, I made him get in my car and drove him home 5ish minutes down the road.  I wish I could end the story with something like “As it turns out, it was Steven Spielberg’s kid!” but I’m pretty sure that family lives in a MUCH nicer area than I do and for the record, I’m just glad that the kid is ok.  There is nothing scarier than walking home alone at night.  I suppose the moral of the story is, we should all be doing good deeds more often – I know it’s been way too long for me.

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August 29, 2011

Hotel Cafe tomorrow night!

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and …. hopefully nothing else!  It was a hot weekend- and not just because of the temperature, I’ve been so worried about my family and friends on the East coast all this week-  I’m the one that moved to LA where the earthquakes are a-plenty (ok- now that I’ve said that, please no earthquakes in LA).  Aside from the crazy mess and frantic phone calls- like any normal musician juggling a million things at once, I’ve been getting really excited about my upcoming show tomorrow at one of the best venues in Los Angeles, Hotel Cafe.  This will be my first full band show there and I hope that many of you in LA will be able to make it out to hear some new songs with a new band- and some old songs too :)   Show starts around 10:15pm- so make your way out!

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May 24, 2011

Settling in Los Angeles

So the rapture didn’t happen, which is good because I just moved to LA and I’d be pissed if my time here was cut short after a week and a half, right?!  Tuesday (today) will be my two week mark living out here, which also happens to be my birthday wooo woooo!

AAAANNNDDD as a nice birthday present to myself, I went shopping on Melorse and found the perfect feather to wear in my new photo shoot!  Even better- my furniture finally came.  You know how packing is a pain?  Well unpacking is also a pain- I recruited my friends Phaedra & Donny (pictured below) to help open the boxes and put things away.  It’s funny the things you pack when you move across country- I’m pretty sure at some point I just stopped labeling boxes and just threw everything in one because we started finding random gadgets and gizmo’s inside the ‘towel’ box & the ‘kitchen box’ – we even found some sweet charlie chaplin glasses from a mustache party I went to about a year ago – obviously, this had to be my new facebook profile picture and we all used Phaedra’s keen iphone pic skills to edit some great photo’s (below).

As for music shows- the gig at Genghis Cohen was a blast, I even got to test out a new song co-written with Canadian singer/songwriter Donny Anderson!  Youtube below. It’s going to be a great summer.

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May 11, 2011


It’s been a pretty amazing first week- shows, practice, socializing, schmoozing!  Even though my furniture STILL hasn’t arrived, I’m all smiles- because I’m insanely lucky to have fallen in with some great people (my new band!) and reconnect with old friends in a new environment.  Speaking of old friends…  I had just played at this adorable coffee shop called Cafe Muse in Hollywood promoting my show at Genghis Cohen on May 21 (pictured left), when a good friend called and asked me to join him at this little spot in WEHO called Libertine. Why not? I packed up and drove on over.  The place was PACKED and as soon as I walked in I realized I was among some of the most talented musicians in Los Angeles…I was literally witnessing a late night jam session with members of Prince’s band, Jay Z’s band and the like- and it was awesome (photo below)  Please excuse the poor iphone photography, it was late- I was tired- and standing on a table because I couldn’t see (thank you Dtown for the boost)!  Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is-  what they say is true, it’s all right here in Hollywood- and now, I’m here too.

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May 6, 2011

Hello Los Angeles

It’s my first show in LA- I mean, my first show as a real LA resident!!  And it’s all happening this evening at a cute little spot in West Hollywood called Pi off Sunset Blvd.  AND despite the fact that I have no furniture (pictured above- my empty room, the only thing I have is my keyboard!), been living on my friends couch (thanks p & j!!), and haven’t quite fully adjusted to the time zone, I honestly can’t keep the smile off my face.  It’s been a looooonnngggg time coming-  Cheers to new beginnings.

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